• Reumatrin Cream & Tablets an Athlete Rub

Reumatrin Cream & Tablets an Athlete Rub

Lots of people suffers rheumatism or arthritis pain and Mallo Laboratories have developed this treatment to help you have the pain relief.  It contains a cream and tablets that will help you with arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica or lumbago pain.  As soon you applied the cream and take the tablets the pain will go away.

  • 1 Reumatrin Tablets bottle (ibuprofen 200mg)
  • 1 Reumatrin Cream bottle (6 oz.)

How to apply:

Apply the cream on the effective areas. Take 2-3 tablets every 4 hours until pain/fever is gone.

P.S We recommend to use a hand cloth, apply a small amount of cream on the cloth, then heat it up in the microwave for 2-3 seconds (warm temperature). Apply cloth directly on the effective area.  Helps you untighten the muscle. 

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