• Blue Tomato Extract  (powerful antioxidant)

Blue Tomato Extract (powerful antioxidant)

Mallo has done it again, bringing the best quality of Natural Products. Mallo introduce you "Blue Tomato Indigo" , some call it purple tomato..This product is 100% blue tomato indigo extract with etilic alcohol and distilled water. It have been bred to produce high levels and suggested to have health benefits because of their Antioxidant properties to support human health. lowering the risk of prostate, lung, stomach and other types of cancer, in addition, the fruit possesses a long list of nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, B, PP and K. 

 We suggest 2 bottles for a 2 month treatment

Mix 20 drops in warm water and drink 3 times daily. 

  • $ 39.95